After scoring his first goal of the season on Tuesday night against Port Vale, Abo Eisa is looking forward to trying to continue the momentum.

In spectacular fashion midway through the first half, Eisa netted the only goal in the game, which resulted in a 1-0 win and lead to the Iron's first back-to-back victories in nearly a year. 

Speaking to iFollow Iron, he said: “It was a great feeling - one of relief to get my first goal of the season. Last time when I scored my first goal of the season it gave me confidence to push on and get more goals so I'm hoping to do the same again.  

“It’s a good time, I enjoy it when there are a lot of games back-to-back but right now it’s about me trying to get more fitness and pushing on.” 

Discussing his long-range wonder goal, he said: “It’s up there with my best goals, I’d say in the top two I’ve scored at Scunthorpe."

Eisa also mentioned how well the team is playing at the minute, commenting: “Everyone’s working hard for each other at the moment. The team cohesion's getting better and the dressing room is lifted now with more confidence.  

“Everyone knows their role and we’re growing. With the results, confidence will increase too. Hopefully, we can be better on the ball as well.

“Not conceding does wonders for the defence like how strikers get confidence from goals. It's good for them and us. Cohesion is always good for the team.”  

He added: “We take every game as it comes, we can’t be too sad when we get a loss and too happy when we do win but it's confidence and we just need to remain humble and keep doing what we’re doing.”  

Commenting on the current Covid-19 situation, Eisa said: “It’s been very strange, like every single week there’s always one player going out due to it so it's been hard to get a rhythm. It's difficult for the manager too to get a team that he wants to play every week.  

“It’s hard for everyone, even the players coming back and having to train to get back to match fitness.” 

Looking ahead to the home game against Morecambe on Saturday, he said: “We need to make our home ground a fortress again. We need to just keep working hard. It would be good to get home wins."

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