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Our commitment


Our Commitment

Scunthorpe United Football Club is committed to delivering first class customer service across all our functional areas, both during matchdays and non-matchdays.

We Are United - dedicated to the fans and our local community, Scunthorpe United are passionate about the matchday experience, from initial enquiries to the full-time whistle and thereafter, we are committed to constantly reviewing and improving every step of the supporters' journey.

Our club is part of our community and we make it a priority to serve the needs of our supporters. Our Corporate Social Responsibility remains important to the Club and through contact with our local schools, grassroots teams and local community groups we are constantly striving to generate stronger links with our local community, whilst always valuing our dedicated supporters who have followed the Iron through all climates of our history. We also value our environmental impact and support of community and charitable organisations, with further details provided below.

We promise to listen to our Season Ticket Holders, Iron Members, match by match and distant supporters and provide them with the best of everything from Scunthorpe United.

We at Scunthorpe United ("the Club") make the following commitments to our supporters in our continued effort to deliver the best matchday experience and customer service to supporters and all other visitors to Glanford Park inside and outside of matchdays.

If your expectations are not met at any stage of your supporter journey, then you are invited to make your experience known to us through the contact details for customer complaints and feedback below.

Staff Code of Conduct

Employees of Scunthorpe United will always:

  • Meet high standards of customer service when dealing with supporters in person or by telephone.
  • Be polite, positive and considerate to members of the public.
  • Be smart and appropriately dressed in the workplace.
  • Protect the information of supporters in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR legislation.

Employees of Scunthorpe United will never be rude, abusive or offensive or abuse their position within the Club.

Equal Opportunities

Scunthorpe United Football Club is committed to equal opportunities. We wish to create an atmosphere in which every section of the community feels welcome and to uphold the principles of equality and provide equal opportunities for everyone. Discrimination will not be tolerated in any shape or form at Scunthorpe United Football Club. Our equality policy can be found on the website HERE.

Safeguarding Policy

Scunthorpe United have a safeguarding policy and a copy of which is published on the official website HERE

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Scunthorpe United take data protection and your privacy very seriously and will never sell the data we hold to a third party. A full version of the Privacy Policy including information relating to GDPR can be found on the official website HERE.

Community Activity

Scunthorpe United are constantly improving their community involvement. Scunthorpe United Community Sport & Education Trust continually strive to meet the needs of the local community. Their involvement and effort is something the Club are very proud of and further information on the SUFC Trust can be found by visiting



1.1 Scunthorpe United will offer a broad range of ticket prices in order to provide wider access to home matches for as much of the community as possible, please click HERE for the latest ticket prices. In the event of any price changes or promotional offers during the season, information will be publicised immediately on the official club website, across social media and local media will be informed. 

1.2 The Club will make at least 10% of the capacity of Glanford Park available to non-season ticket holders for each game. However, this may not be possible when the stadium is forced to operate at a reduced capacity, such as during a pandemic when social distancing is required. 

1.3 The Club will offer concessions at home matches for U18s, 18-21, full time students, serving armed forces personnel and over 65 supporters while disabled supporters in receipt of middle or higher rate DLA or those with standard or enhanced PIP, will be entitled to a complimentary carer ticket. Any such concessions will be clearly defined and made public whenever they are created or altered.

1.4 Warnings will be given in advance when selling seats with a restricted view of the pitch at Glanford Park.

1.5 Scunthorpe United will make an area of Glanford Park available for the exclusive use of family groups and junior supporters.

1.6 A range of facilities and support will be provided for disabled supporters and their carers at Glanford Park. Please contact the Disability Liaison Officer in advance of a game for any further queries on assistance required (

1.7 Should a game be abandoned, spectators will be admitted to the rearranged fixture free of charge if the match is abandoned prior to kick off, including if the match is abandoned after spectators have been admitted to the ground, but before kick-off.

If a match is abandoned after kick-off, spectators will be advised via the club’s website and social media, the ticketing arrangements for any rearranged fixture. A fair and reasonable decision will be made on refunds or admission prices based on the circumstances when a home game is abandoned after the kick-off and taking into account the rules of the football authorities pertaining to abandoned matches. Refunds for rearranged fixtures will not be given until a new date has been confirmed. 

1.8 No refunds will be given on any match ticket except in extreme circumstances. A refund request can be made in writing to the Club BEFORE the day of the game with the reason for the request and supporting evidence. A decision will be made within 14 working days.

1.9 Allocation of tickets to away fixtures is not guaranteed during the Covid-19 pandemic. If an allocation is provided by the home club, these will be made available to Season Ticket Holders, members (in order of priority decided by the Club) and then will go on general sale and will be regularly reviewed during the season. The price of these tickets will be determined by the home club. 

1.10 The Club will not charge admission prices to supporters of a visiting club which are higher than those charged to Scunthorpe United supporters for comparable facilities and accommodation. Concessionary rates offered to senior citizens and junior supporters will also apply to the supporters of a visiting club. The club will abide by the rules of the English Football League and FA governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

1.11 During the Covid-19 pandemic, the club are restricted in how we can operate by government legislation and instructions from the local safety advisory group which may result in behind-closed-doors games where spectators are not allowed to attend, as well as fixtures operating with social distancing and reduced capacity. This will impact on the usual service we are able to provide to supporters however, we endeavour to keep this to a minimum where possible to do so. Up to date information will be communicated via the club’s website and social media channels.


2.1 The club aims to deliver value for money with its ticket and merchandising strategy, rewarding its most loyal supporters with Season Ticket offers and providing other benefits for members of the Iron Membership scheme. 


3.1 The Club will consult its supporters and invites people to express their opinion by contacting Club officials in person or via email, by asking the Supporters Club officials to raise any issues on their behalf or via the appointed Supporters Liaison Officer (detailed below) and through online surveys.

The club will hold at least two meetings or fans forums per Season to which its supporters or representatives are to be invited in order to discuss significant issues relating to the Club. This will be in the form of either a fans forums with notification of such events communicated via the official website and social media or meetings with the representatives of the official supporters clubs. This communication channel also provides fans with a means of forwarding any issues, complaints or compliments via the relevant Supporters Club representative through to club officials.

The fans forum format will include a Q&A session with representatives of the Board of Directors and other key personnel from the club. Coverage of such meetings will be published on the official club website and social media channels. The format for the meetings with representatives of the official supporters’ clubs will follow an agenda and the groups will have an opportunity to add items onto it.

During the 2021-22 season, the club will introduce a supporters’ fan panel where representatives will meet senior club staff on a regular basis and when safe do so, to discuss off-field matters at the club. Members of the fan panel will be appointed to represent a section of supporters through an application process with meetings taking place on several home matchday mornings over the course of the season.  

3.2 The Club will aim to inform and explain major policy decision in an easily understood format through the official website, the Club's matchday programme, social media, emails to the database and other forms of publication.

3.3 The Club will continue to develop ways to consult shareholders, sponsors, local authorities and other relevant groups interested in its activities.

3.4 Ticket information can be found on the website HERE. The earliest possible notice will be given concerning any changes to ticketing policy and the reasons for those changes.

3.5 The Club run a variety of digital channels to keep supporters informed. Links to these can be found on the official website.


4.1 The Club recognises that it has an important role to play in the local community and will endeavour to fulfil its responsibilities and obligations with a wide range of activities.

4.2 The Club will actively support project and initiatives set up by organisations, which help to improve the quality of life and education of people in the local community.

4.3 Such activities include, the work done by the Community Sport & Education Trust and the facilities available to the local community through Study United based at Glanford Park, helping to develop key skills for young people in the area.

4.5 Scunthorpe United Football Club is aware of our impact within our community. As part of this commitment we believe that football clubs have a vital role to play in minimising this impact by the club, staff and fans on their environment. A full version of our Environmental Policy can be found HERE


5.1 All replica strip designs have an intended maximum life span of one season. In exceptional circumstances (such as a change in the name of the Club's shirt sponsor) a replica strip may have a shorter life span, and the Club will notify its supporters as soon as such a change is agreed through the official website and social media.  

5.2 The Club will carry out its obligation to prevent price fixing in respect of the sale of replica strips.

5.3 Refunds on merchandise will be offered in accordance with the Club's legal obligations. See the online club shop for further information,


6.1 The Club's aim is to welcome everyone, football supporter or otherwise, to a friendly atmosphere and a safe environment at Glanford Park. The ground regulations are available to be viewed at locations around the stadium or on the website HERE and spectators will need to agree to these when in the stadium with full details available on the website.

6.2 The Club will maintain high standards of safety for everyone who comes to Glanford Park in accordance with the Club's Ground Regulations. Stewards are given training and work alongside trained first aiders and medical professionals to ensure the safety of Club supporters and staff. Supporters should follow the instructions given over the public address system and from stewards. 

In accordance with the Club's Safeguarding Policy, all persons working at the ground on a matchday in a medical capacity, must be CRB checked. The Club is committed to the safety and welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and endeavours to ensure that all services, staff and volunteers work to achieve the best outcomes for them.

The Club’s incident reporting policy is available on the website HERE while the ground regulations can be found on posters around the stadium or online HERE

6.3 The Club provides car parking facilities for spectators including, 600 spaces at the ground and 21 allocated on-site parking spaces for orange/blue badge holders.

6.4 The Club offers catering facilities at the stadium available externally and internally offering hot and cold food and drinks, while there are hospitality facilities available to book in advance of the fixture.

6.5 The Club will help to maintain the standards of behaviour expected by the vast majority of people coming to Glanford Park.

6.6 The Club's staff will deal with matters in a polite, clear and appropriate manner. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken where supporters are violent, use foul and abusive language, act in an intimidating manner or behave in a manner likely to cause offence to others, including any verbal or written abuse of the Club, directors or its staff and officials.

6.7 The Club will commit itself to confronting and eliminating discrimination and anti-social behaviour of any kind whether by reason of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or disability. The Club will work to ensure that such behaviour, including obscene chanting, is met with the appropriate disciplinary action.

6.8 Where a spectator's conduct fails to meet these standards of safety and behaviour, including online abuse, he/she will be warned about their actions. In situations that the Club's staff or officials regard as serious, the Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel a Season Ticket or to ban someone from the ground for any period and/or take legal action. Following such a ban, a person can appeal to the Club's Chief Executive, whose decision will be final.

6.9 The Club supports The Football Association and The English Football League in their commitment to develop a programme of ongoing training and awareness-raising events and activities aimed to eradicate discrimination. The Club have been awarded the EFL’s Code of Practice in recognition of this work and will continue to uphold the work and principles involved in this regard.

6.10 Wherever possible the Club will seek to gather quotes locally and endeavour to work with local businesses. We will not send unsolicited (direct) marketing email and/or SMS communications unless they comply with the rules of GDPR and related guidance. Direct marketing covers the promotion of aims and ideals as well as the sale of products and services. We will not send or instigate the sending of one-to-one commercial communications to any customer using data obtained in breach of data protection and/or privacy legislation.

6.11 Information on our commercial and hospitality offerings can be found HERE.    


7.1 The Club will expect its staff, stewards and representatives to be courteous, helpful and well informed. Any person who feels that any of the Club's personnel are failing to meet the standards they expect should notify the Club's feedback service on the details below as soon as possible.  

7.2 The Club's staff will be properly trained to deal sensitively with issues of safety, misbehaviour and other stadium regulations and will use discretion where required if standards or regulations are abused or ignored by spectators or other visitors.  


8.1 The Club will aim to provide the highest possible standards of courtesy, consideration and service to everyone coming into contact with the club and within the ground itself.  

8.2 The Club will endeavour to be fair and efficient in all matters, where issues are drawn to its attention and in setting out its offers to customers. The Club will aim to provide tickets, merchandise and information to supporters in good time.

8.3 The Club will respond to a complaint or request from a customer within a minimum of ten working days, where the contact is by letter, telephone, e-mail or a visit to Glanford Park. The Club will respond with a member of staff named for any further communication.    

8.4 If it is not possible for the Club to provide a substantive reply within ten working days, the Club will contact the customer to explain why and let that person know when to expect the appropriate response.

8.5 The Club will not necessarily respond to general comments or unanswerable communications that, in the judgment of the appropriate member of staff, do not require a reply.

8.6 The club is committed to supporting a number of local charities and causes through donations, collections and PR activity. For enquiries relating to charities, requests for donations and bucket collections, please refer to our charity policy on the websiteHERE. Due to the quantity of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee that requests will be accepted or acknowledged.  


9.1 General enquiries, feedback or comments can be emailed to supporter services via email,

9.2 Specific complaints or feedback that supporters wish to communicate to the club should be sent to James Moody, either by:



James Moody 
Scunthorpe United F.C
Glanford Park
Jack Brownsword Way
N. Lincs
DN15 8TD

If a supporter is not happy with the response Scunthorpe United has provided a complaint can be made to the following:

The Independent Football Ombudsman
Suite 49
57 Great George Street


Scunthorpe United’s Supporter Liaison Officer is Rob Noble and further details about this role can be found HERE.


 11.1 The Club's Customer Charter will be reviewed and, if necessary, updated on a regular basis (at least once annually).

11.2 The current edition of the Club's Customer Charter will be available on the official website and printed versions of it will be available in Ticket Office and Reception. The Charter is available in large print upon request.

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