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Rakim Verma

eSports Squad



Date of birth


Profiling our eSports squad...

Username: rakimsv 
Position: CB 
Age: 29 
Location: London 
Nationality: English 
Previous clubs: Serpico Esports, Esports Mighty Lionz, Esports Dynamite 
Social Media: Twitter: @VPG_Rakim / Twitch: rakimsv 
First played FIFA: FIFA 2000. More serious from FIFA 08. 
Strengths: Probably my defensive positioning. I don’t play as much as I used to, so my player rating isn’t as high as others’, but I can read a play, bait a pass, and position myself well enough to intercept the ball or put in a well-timed tackle or header. 
Football club supported: Manchester United 
Favourite pro footballer: Ivan Rakitić 
Other hobbies: Ultimate frisbee and rock climbing 
Favourite food: Lasagne 
Fun fact: I also work as Virtual Pro Gaming’s brand manager!


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