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Lucky Dip: Harry Jessop

6 May 2020

Under-18s striker Harry Jessop, fresh from being offered a professional deal, answers our random lucky dip questions, choosing numbers between 1 and 99...

22. If you picked an ideal three-course meal, what would you choose?
I’d start with garlic mushrooms, and then have steak and chips as the main, before trifle for dessert. I’d say they’re my ‘go to’.

10. Did you ever consider playing another sport?

No, never. It’s always been football, I wasn’t much good at anything else sports-wise growing up.

97. What’s your karaoke song?

I’d probably do Mr Brightside by the Killers (below). 


66. Do you have any celebrity lookalikes?

No, nobody’s ever said one.

9. Who’s your favourite comedian?
I don’t actually have one to be honest. I like Kevin Hart though, he’s funny in films.

11. Who has the best haircut at the club?

That’s got to be Oliver Kemp (Under-18s player) – it’s just a good haircut innit!

19. Who was your first celebrity crush?
Jessica Ennis back in the day.

20. Who’s your best friend in football?

That’s got to be Jai Rowe (below).


75. Instagram or Snapchat?
I’d choose Snapchat because it’s just easier.

80. How many tattoos do you have and do any have a specific meaning?
I have none at the moment and don’t think I’m going to get one.

71. What boots do you current wear?
Adidas X18’s. They’ve been decent for me.

2. Do you have any superstitions before games?
I have to put my shirt on last. It’s one I’ve always had.

14. What’s your favourite type of music?
Probably throwback to be honest, so older ones.

21. If you weren’t a footballer what would you be doing?
I’d probably be going to university, studying sports science.

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