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30 April 2020

Earlier in the season for our matchday programme, Abo Eisa answered your burning questions you sent in on social media.

Ben Fussey, via Facebook: Who’s your favourite player?
AE: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Kelly Faulkner, via Facebook: If you had to take part in a reality TV programme, which one would you choose and why?
AE: There’s an American show called Wild N’Out – they just rap and do funny stuff!

@han.parton, via Instagram: How did you start liking football?
AE: The first kick of the ball. I have an older brother and you see a lot of the older players and you want to take part. I just fell in love. 

@markfrosttiling, via Instagram: Where did your skill come from?
AE: When you’re a kid, you don’t think about it. Your skills come naturally and you pick up new skills as you go.

@henry_clark11, via Instagram: Which one - Xbox or PS4?
AE: I’ve got an Xbox.

@fin.hall7, via Instagram: Which football team do you support?
AE: Manchester United., via Instagram: Who did you play for when you were a kid?
AE: I played for St Albans City, but as a kid I played for a local team called Westend.

@ethanshort_, via Instagram: What are your favourite boots?
AE: Nike Mercurials.

@willpitt9, via Instagram: Funniest in the squad?
AE: I’d go for Kgosi (Ntlhe).

@___waynoo___, via Instagram: Do you see yourself as a playmaker or goalscorer?
AE: A goalscorer.

@agray001, via Instagram: What’s your favourite biscuit?
AE: Hobnobs with the chocolate. I like dunking Rich Tea in milk too!

@owensimmoposh2003, via Instagram: Who is more competitive - you or your brother?
AE: We’re both very competitive. I’d say me and he’d say him!

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