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30 July 2014

It was great to be able to release some photos and details earlier in the week, showing the position and artists impression of the new stadium and facilities.

Although these were pretty basic I was hoping to just give you the fans a flavour of the size and quality of the stadium and also stimulate a little more discussion.

With this in mind I would like to inform all fans that I will be available from 12.30 pm on Saturday 16th August at the ground prior to our first home match in League One, against Preston North End.

I will be available in various bars and areas within the stadium to chat about the proposals and to gather more ideas and wishes from you, for your new stadium. There will be the opportunity to talk about access, location, travel routes, why the area was chosen and go I to as much detail as possible re the site, both within and around the stadium.

What I would continue to ask is that all fans write in and ask the questions they want, by e mail, post or Twitter and raise the concerns they have now. The forums we have are great to discuss and bring ideas into the public domain, be that small one on one chats or the larger collective meetings, but those ideas and worries need to be tabled in writing, so they can be implemented or not.

You have that opportunity now to have an input on how this club goes forward and how the stadium works for all visitors and fans alike and I must say the ideas and input has been excellent, up to now. When we showed the drawings of how the stadium would look, developing features around steel to continue the towns heritage and links with the new development, there was a resounding yes and so we continued that look, design, which we felt made us unique and up to date.

So what can you still have an input in?

The internals of the stadium are yet to be decided in full. What do you want to see within the stadium? What can we do better? What would make you visit us earlier on a Saturday? etc etc.
Please take this opportunity to say something, do not come back to the club, after the new site is built and say you wanted this, or wanted that to be discussed, or sit behind a keyboard moaning and groaning that this or that, is not happening. There is no excuse to contact me and by doing so you get the facts and reasoning behind what we are doing here at the club.
Have we looked at this project carefully? Yes

Do we need to move? Yes

Can we afford to move? Yes

Is this a sound business decision for the club? Yes

Will there be a travel infrastructure? Yes

Etc Etc.
Just to give you an idea, we have had several ideas re the name, but the one standing out at this time is “ The Iron Arena” or “ The ( Sponsors name) Iron Arena”. If that is of interest, great, if not get your ideas in now.
If you want more information please ask me, it is easy, do not just “ Voice it”, “ Ask it” and get the facts, not rumour and conjecture.
Peter Swann


We are offering supporters the chance to put their questions to Iron chairman Peter Swann for a website Q&A early next week. Email your questions to

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