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This policy will show how Scunthorpe United Football Club wishes to underpin their commitment to disabled supporters. This includes supporters with the following conditions:

The club follows the health and safety regulations guidelines and the disability discrimination Act (DDA) where disabled people should not be treated less favourably, and the club adheres to these procedures.

The club encourages a disabled supporter to bring a personal Assistant to matches, in particular for safety reasons in the event of an emergency evacuation arising and for general assistance at the stadium. For the avoidance of doubt, a supporter is permitted to bring a child, aged 14 or over as a personal assistant. All disabled supporters must follow the ground regulations and evacuation contingency plans. In such event; all evacuation procedures will be announced via the stadium’s PA system.


For the purpose of this policy, the definition of a disabled supporter is as follows:

‘Any person, who because of their disability or impairment, is unable to use ordinary stand seating without contravening Health and Safety Regulations, guidelines or policy. Any such persons will be considered for use of the special provision areas of the stadium in line with the procedures set out in this policy.’


As a fundamental principle, the Disability Discrimination Act states that disabled people should not be treated ‘less favourably, without justification’ and ‘reasonable adjustments should be made to make goods, facilities and services accessible’. Scunthorpe United Football Club aims to fully comply with both the provisions and spirit of the Act.

Provision of facilities and amenities - sensory impaired supporters


Those supporters with impaired hearing will be able to visit www.scunthorpe-united.co.uk pertaining to any services provided by Scunthorpe United Football club.

Supporters with impaired hearing can be accommodated in the stadium by various means either in the ambulant disabled designated area at a concessionary rate or it is also possible for them to use ordinary stand seating.


Scunthorpe United’s Ticket Office will deal with enquiries from visually impaired supporters and the allocation of places available in the visually impaired persons section of the stadium will be managed by Scunthorpe United.

The club strongly recommends that each visually impaired person attending a match at the Glanford Park should be accompanied by a person who is fully able to support their needs in the event of an emergency.

On matchdays, information will be carried via the public address system.

The criteria for access to this facility requires that each person can provide a copy of their registration document which certifies they are registered blind (or partially sighted), or provide qualifying documentation from their optician equivalent to registration requirements.

Visually impaired supporters wishing to sit in areas of the ground other than the designated ambulatory area will be able to do so by purchasing a ticket in the normal manner.

Should visually impaired supporters require a commentary headset, these are available upon request and commentary is received via Hospital Radio.

These headsets can be used in all areas of the ground and are available by contacting the Safety Officer via a Steward on match days.

Visually impaired people wishing to attend a match aided by their Guide Dog should contact the Safety Officer on 01724 747683 for all relevant information. Measures will also be taken to ensure the welfare of the Guide Dog is preserved.


Scunthorpe United Football Club has facilities for wheelchair dependent supporters and wishes to make the most appropriate use of these facilities by providing them to disabled people who are unable to sit in any other part of the stadium. Access to this facility will be by those people who meet the eligibility criteria described below:


Individuals using, or wishing to apply for use of the wheelchair areas must meet the following criteria:

Wheelchair using applicants must be largely dependent on a wheelchair for mobility purposes or not capable of walking a distance further than that required to reasonably and safely access any other part of the stadium.

The Club recommends that wheelchair dependent applicants be accompanied by a person who is capable of supporting the disabled person’s needs in the event of any emergency evacuation.

People wishing to apply for places in the wheelchair areas should apply to the ticket office.


Supporters with learning difficulties can be accommodated in the stadium by various means but it is normally possible for them to use ordinary seating. If, for whatever reason, any person with a learning difficulty feels that ordinary seating would be unsuitable for them, they should contact the Safety Officer on 01724 747683 for further information. Supporters with learning difficulties can also be aided by a Personal Assistant if required


Scunthorpe United recognises that there are considerable numbers of people in the community who use wheelchairs mainly for outdoor mobility purposes but are not necessarily confined to their wheelchair. There are also many people suffering severe walking difficulties who may wish to watch a match. There are also people with learning difficulties or debilitating illnesses. For the purposes of this policy and the administration of the facility this category of people will be termed ‘ambulatory disabled supporters’ and they will be asked to follow the procedure below in order to attend a match:

These supporters will be offered the opportunity of being seated in the regular seating area. Tickets for people in this position should be applied for by contacting the Ticket Office who will provide all the relevant information for applications. Tickets are charged at full match price with no charge for a Personal Assistant (see list of prices)

A disabled person may be asked by the Club to provide qualifying documentation relating to their condition in order to qualify for a disabled seat (see Disabled Ticketing Terms & Conditions)

The Club also recognises that disabled people also have families and indeed may wish to attend a match as a family and therefore the club would arrange an area agreeable to the circumstances.


Scunthorpe United Football Club recognises that elderly people now form a larger part of the population than younger people. The Club therefore recognises that some of its longest serving supporters with infirmities may require to be relocated into a more appropriate area of the stadium.


Scunthorpe United provides 24 spaces on the East Car Park available to disabled supporters. These are allocated to supporters on a first come basis on match days. There are 500 spaces on that car park and all spaces are within 50 metres of the entrance into the ground. The club also agree that supporters can be dropped off at the East Stand entrance as well as the Hospitality Entrance on the West Stand where a lift is available.


This is available on the East Stand Car Park on a first come first served basis and all are able to park outside the East Stand entrance to be dropped off prior to parking, whether that be car or mini bus.


Matchday catering for disabled people is provided in certain stands within the Stadium, namely the East and South (away) stands. However, certain areas of the stadium do not have designated disabled catering facilities and it is therefore advised that for these particular areas, disabled supporters either bring along a personal assistant (no charge for admission to the stadium) or notify the nearest steward who will be happy to provide assistance. For further information on these areas, supporters are asked to contact the Safety officer by e-mail pete.wallace@scunthorpe-united.co.uk.


Every reasonable adjustment is being made to all services provided by the different departments of Scunthorpe United Football Club. Department managers and personnel of marketing, catering, membership etc have been made aware and instructed to comply with the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act. Access to goods and services, as well as match day facilities, are being fully assessed and measures are in place to ensure compliance with all associated legislation.


Elements of staff training which relate to ‘disability awareness’ and ‘disability etiquette’ have been identified and a training programme will be instituted to ensure that awareness and etiquette are observed. This training programme will be ongoing. Scunthorpe United are forcefully committed to develop a ‘can do’ culture by introducing such training which will form the hub of the further development of this policy.

TICKET PRICES – SEASON 2021-22 (League Two)

Click here to see the prices.


Opportunities for disabled supporters to attend away matches are limited by the allocation received from the away club. These tickets are available from the ticket office on a match by match basis.


A disabled person may be asked by the Club to provide qualifying documentation relating to their condition in order to qualify for a disabled seat. Typical evidence that the Club could seek would be @one of the following:

Entitlement to the higher rate care component of the disability living allowance

Entitlement to the higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance

Letter of confirmation from the Local Authority Social Services department that the person is in reception of support services

Letter from the persons General Practitioner confirming that they are a disabled person with a recognised impairment that requires extra help.

Letter from the persons General Practitioner/Optician confirming that they are a disabled person with a recognised impairment that requires extra help.

Furthermore the Club will deem the Disability on the following basis:

The impairment must have a ‘substantial adverse effect’, in this context means ‘more than minor or trivial’;

The effect must be ‘long term’ – it must have lasted or be expected to last at least twelve months, or is likely to last for the rest of a person’s life;

The impairment must adversely affect ‘normal day-to-day activities’

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