First team manager Keith Hill provided his reaction to iFollow Iron following the 3-0 league defeat at Swindon.

The gaffer started by reflecting on the game, saying: “I’m disappointed with the result but really encouraged with the collective performance. There was attacking intent, we created opportunities and the goalkeeper was superb for the opponents. At half-time I didn’t see the score line (that it ended up being) but apart from the three mistakes it was a far closer game and I think we should have scored.”

He then went on to speak about the fortuitous second goal, which effectively clinched the result for the hosts: “We have to get closer to the ball. I know it was a deflection and the wind kept it alive and it ended up looping over Rory (Watson) and into the back of the net, but again I personally believe we should have dealt with the situation before we get to the edge of the box and should have their attack. 

“It’s the same with the first goal and the third goal which led to a penalty. We’re looking for better in-game decisions, especially when we’re under pressure.

"I thought we were excellent up to half time and throughout the course of the game and in our overall performance, but key mistakes were what led to losing this game 3-0."

Hill further elaborated on today’s display: “The performance for me gave me more encouragement than it did on Tuesday night. The result is the emotional tie that we all cling too when we win 1-0 in the week, but today I’m far more pleased with the performance, the way we tried to play, the way we attacked, the chances we created, and in a way the way we defended. Today we didn’t get away with those mistakes (like on Tuesday) and it’s a disappointment.”

He added: “We have to make sure we don’t lose our confidence, and again we have a big game at the weekend (against Rochdale) - they’re all big games, but I do see us improving individually and collectively. Our fitness is improving and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m feeling a lot better than I thought I would do after losing 3-0. 

“It sounds a contradiction as the games are the most important part of the week, but my players need rest. They don’t need repetitive training, they know how to play the game and it’s important that they play the mental game and the physical game throughout the course of this week in preparation for a difficult fixture against Rochdale on Saturday.”

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