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Club News


22 June 2016

Scunthorpe United Football Club is aware of our impact within our community. As part of this commitment we believe that football clubs have a vital role to play in minimising this impact by the club, staff and fans on their environment.

It is the policy of Scunthorpe United to lessen this environmental impact and, as a club and a business, to continually develop, review and improve our environmental objectives.

To reach this goal, we shall continue to improve efficiency in the use of all resources and adopt greener technologies where appropriate.

We are committed to treating all relevant legal and environmental legislation and guideline as a minimum requirement and will seek to exceed them wherever possible.

We also encourage and hope all suppliers, partners and stakeholders to share our aims, particularly our staff and fans.


Our employees will be encouraged through regular communications to turn off computers, televisions and not to print documents or emails unless necessary.

To use electricity, water and gas as efficiently as possible. We do recycle waste as far as practicably possible.

Overall, to be mindful of enviromental impact when carrying out duties as an employee of Scunthorpe United Football Club.

We believe that as a club we can help inspire and educate staff and supporters by promoting our policy.

Monitoring, Measuring & Management

All utilities are monitored on a monthly basis to record meter readings remotely and wirelessly download data into an excel spreadsheet. The results are analysed for variances and to identify areas for improvement.


We send all waste from Glanford Park for recycling to the Bells Waste Management Site in Scunthorpe.

At Glanford Park Bells provide bins and waste is sorted at Bells. (85% of waste is recycled)


All non essential electrical equipment & apparatus is switched off between home fixtures & events, including coolers, chillers and refrigerators. A system of checks by supervisors ensures staff adheres to this policy.

We have replaced traditional style GLS bulbs with energy saving light bulbs where possible. In addition, motion or door activated lighting has been installed where practical.

Staff are encouraged to switch off all non‐essential lighting when moving round the building and premises.

Timing devices are used if necessary to limit the amount of energy consumed by electrical appliances.

All non‐active computers are switched off when not in use.


Timer clocks are checked on a monthly basis to ensure the minimum period of operation to heat the premises & water is achieved.


To reduce our water usage, taps in all of our public & staff toilets have been replaced with pressure/push taps limiting flow rate. In addition we limit water flow to men’s urinals. Players showers at Glanford Park are also push activated minimising water usage.

Following every home match day, water is switched off at the stopcocks in all areas where it is not required between fixtures.

The water used on the pitch is going back into the water table and we monitor each month our water usage.


The club have installed more efficient washers and dryers to reduce carbon emissions.

Office Equipment & Ground Supplies

We will also ensure that lighting, waste and office supplies are recycled where practical.

The club use hand towel & toilet roll dispensers in toilets around the stadium which limits the amount of recycled paper used.


We encourage our supporters to use public transport wherever practical.


To maintain and further improve environmental performance at our premises.

All Materials used are to be environmentally sustainable wherever feasible, including the paper used in offices and for marketing and promotional materials.

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