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Club News 1 February 2022


There is never true certainty in life. Even when you stack as much as you can in your favour you are never guaranteed to attain your goals, so the only strength you can add is unity and the will to...

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Club News 12 October 2021

Moving forward

Having a choice is probably one of the most common things we do, on a day-to-day basis and these choices determine how our day goes, our week goes and at certain levels how our future develops.

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Club News 6 August 2021

Fans' return

A new season and new hopes, never more so than this Saturday, will enable us to reset and start again, but sadly on the back of a pandemic that has devastated our lives.

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Club News 4 September 2020


It seems forever since we had a competitive game of football and even though we now play our first game of the new season at home on Saturday, it is under very strange circumstances.

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Club News 31 January 2020

Chairman's update

We all have to make big decisions in this business and it’s yet another one I’ve had to make, though a lot earlier than I’d have wished.

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Club News 15 April 2019

Final hurdle

I will not write here that all is okay and everything will be fine, because it isn’t and we are now coming to the most important four games since I joined the club.

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Club News 7 February 2019

Chairman's statement

I would just like to put a few things straight, as we are made to look as though we went into the Lincolnshire lakes project on our own and without any preparation.

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