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Hill post-Sutton (A)

26 February 2022

Keith Hill provided his reaction to iFollow Iron after Saturday's 4-1 loss to Sutton United.

Hill began by reflecting on the performance, saying: “It’s very difficult for me to stay in control emotionally. I feel as though we’ve let everyone down today, not from a football perspective but from a courage perspective.

“We showed a lot of courage on Tuesday night against a physical opponent (Northampton Town), and they won’t be offended when I say they’re very physical, very direct, and they put you under pressure. Today we folded under pressure and that’s what leaves me seething inside physically and emotionally.

“I want a side that represents courage and personality and we didn’t show any of that with the mistakes we made. They were basic errors and I’m really disappointed for the supporters but I’m disappointed with the manner of the team individually and collectively today.”

He added: "The mistakes that we made were individual and that’s the game in a nutshell. We can’t make the mistakes that we’ve made today individually and expect to keep clean sheets and to win football matches.

“You have to ask the question of are the players individually good enough. I’m not trying to devalue anyone's confidence, but reality has to strike. We are determined to make this better and to make the team better. The players themselves have to accept the responsibility for the position they play on the pitch, because some of the mistakes they make, to say they’re schoolboy is an under exaggeration."

The first team manager then commented on the performance in the second half: “I think the opposition knew the game was won, and again you can’t look too closely at the second half with respect to did we gain anything from it. We obviously scored the goal but really there were similar mistakes made and the goal in the second half was a car crash of a goal. I’m deeply disappointed and hurt.” 

On Under-16s academy prospect Harvey Cribb making his debut for the Iron and becoming the club's youngest ever debutant, he said: “He needs guiding and he needs time. I’ve told him not to listen to any of the sideshows or background noise and just to concentrate on the good people who will educate and guide him in the right direction. I feel as though he can make a big impact this season.

“It was a big call to put him on at half-time because we’re losing 3-0 and to some it might like I’m hiding behind that scoreline when I put Harvey Cribb on but I ensure you that I’m not hiding from any of the problems at the football club or on the pitch.

“We saw it as the ideal opportunity because we know he’s ready. It gives him a good 45 minutes introduction on the demands of the game. I do believe there’s a very good player there and I think he will make a real impact, but I don’t want Harvey to be a sideshow I want the focus to be on what was a really poor performance. It’s up to everyone, especially the players when they’re selected for next week's game, to put a performance in and be proud of that performance."

Finally, Hill spoke about Lewis Thompson after his midweek injury: “I’m led to believe that he’s going to be out for a sustained period of time out between 9 and 12 months. I think there’s going to be many operations and it’s such a shame for the kid, he’s a great kid, a true professional, and we wish him the best for all his future recovery.”

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