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Shareholder’s meetings

13 October 2021

I want to thank everyone who came to meet with me and other representatives to discuss the club, its current situation and how we can improve things on and off-the-field in the last week. I'd also like to remind any other shareholder that the last of these meetings for them to attend this month is on Monday 18th October between 6pm and 8pm at the club.

It’s obvious my focus on the club has alienated some supporters and it was good to have honest and at times straightforward discussions in a more intimate surrounding with supporters. I apologise if you are one of those supporters I have let down.

There will be a more concise and in-depth piece on Friday, but I did state that it was important that the supporters understood that the moving of the stadium as an asset within my company was just that, and after we have funded and developed the site, the stadium will be returned to Scunthorpe United along with its training facilities and that the club will benefit financially from any such developments. I just haven’t been clear enough on this and although I wanted to keep the financial and business model private for commercial sensitivity, I should have made this clearer and again that is totally my fault.

I will go over all the other points on Friday, but I can also announce a series of season ticket holder meetings between now and the Shareholders meeting on 22nd November, with dates and times to follow.

There was also a question of why I hadn’t been to a few home games since the first one of the season and I can let you know that I had already booked events earlier in the year which unfortunately clashed with the weekend games and that will continue until the beginning of November. I am not a retired Chairman and have to work on my hospitality business as we try to recover from the last 18 months and that continues to take a lot of my time up.

I have managed to come into the club on the weekdays to support where I can, but I can assure you I am as committed to the Iron as I have always been and will do my best to help the Manager and the fans get through this challenging time.

For me, I need to interact better, I am disappointed in my approach and the way it has been taken by the fans, but thought it was my responsibility to sort everything on my own.

That will change and hopefully that can begin today.

Your chairman,
Peter Swann

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