First team manager Neil Cox provided his reaction to iFollow Iron after his side's 2-1 defeat to Colchester United in League Two on Saturday.

On today’s result, he said: “We lost the game in the first 20 minutes, obviously we were two goals down early on. We didn’t start the game well but obviously for one the free-kick was deflected and went in and for the second he tried to cross it and it’s deflected and goes in - that’s what happens when you’re bottom of the league and have no luck.

“After that I thought we were the better team, especially in the second half. We came out with a purpose, a drive, we pushed in, we were aggressive, and created a number of opportunities. We obviously scored one but just didn’t have enough time to get another, but there was a lot more bravery in the second half and the closing down was miles better.

Cox added: “We got to the edge of the box a couple of times but wasted the pass and that’s been our problem a number of times where we don’t keep the ball long enough or well enough. Often, we create chances, but we give it away in good areas where we could get balls into their box and that’s where chances come from. In the last ten minutes we just gave it away so sillily and we ended up going back to the goalkeeper for too long.

“To beat these today we had to play through the thirds and as I said in the second half they did, and we got in some really good areas and set up some really chances. It’s really disappointing because we lost the game in the first 20 minutes."

The first team manager continued: “We have a few knocks. Lofty [Ryan Loft] passed his fitness test this morning and we need him fit but he still has a sore knee, so he struggled, and we had to take him off.

“Manny [Onariase] has a couple of sore knees, (Aaron) Jarvis has a sore groin, and (George) Taft has a sore left calf.

“We will get them in tomorrow, look at the video to reflect on how we started the game and we go from there. There is no point in me ranting or raving at them now because I feel angry at the moment so instead of me 'going off on one' we will get them in tomorrow and will have a look at the game."

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