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Barton United Under-9s Jaguars enjoy big flag package at the weekend

15 November 2021

The Iron's second matchday grassroots package made its first return at the weekend, with Barton United Under-9s Jaguars taking advantage of our big flag offering.

10 players from the side were present to enjoy the experience, which saw them allowed onto the pitch prior to kick-off for a big flag experience.

They welcomed both teams onto the pitch, taking advantage of group booking prices, before enjoying the encounter against the Ammies from the Lincolnshire Co-op Family Zone.

Do you run a local junior grassroots side? Or maybe your son or daughter plays for a team and you think the side would enjoy their day? Perfect for team bonding, book a game now to avoid disappointment.

Sides are able to take advantage of our group booking rates, while all team players are invited onto the pitch prior to kick-off ready to form the guard of honour.

Interested? Contact to book or for more information.

(at the time of writing)

November 23rd, 2021 - Leyton Orient
February 8th, 2022 - Walsall

We are also taking bookings for our big flag package, with a number of games available for our separate offering. Click here for more details.

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