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7 May 2020

As featured in our programme earlier this season, Alex Gilliead answers a selection of questions sent in by supporters on social media.

@dailydeji, via Instagram: Who was your footballing idol growing up?
It is a hard one, it would be cliché for me to say Alan Shearer, but I have always admired watching Lionel Messi. Just the way he plays the game, and what he can do on the pitch is actually quite unbelievable.

Rick Clayton, via Facebook: When you score, what is your celebration?

AG: I will say the knee slide., via Instagram: Who did you support growing up?
I was a big Newcastle United fan. I went to the games and had a season ticket until I was about 15-years old, with my cousin, my uncle and my grandad.

Donna Louise Eldred-Dobbs, via Facebook: What’s your best advice to young boys and girls who want to start playing football?
I think the best advice I can give is to just enjoy it. Play it with your friends and have a good time. It is a great sport and brings a lot of people together. Do not take it too seriously, you can practice as much as you want, but never let it get to the point when you are not enjoying it.

@joeybyrne_, via Instagram: What do you think to Scunthorpe as a town and club so far?
I have not really been in the town as much. I am living in Doncaster, but it is a decent club and well-run. Obviously, the training ground is opposite where we play so that is always nice to have. It has got a little gym and everything, so it is very nice.

@moreira_michal, via Instagram: Which position did you play in as a child?
When I grew up in seven-a-side, I used to be a right-back. As I got into eleven-a-side, I played right-wing. But growing up I have played in a lot of different positions. The only one I have not covered is goalkeeper, but there’s still time, you never know in football!

@agray001, via Instagram: What’s your favourite biscuit?
It would have to be a half-coated digestive, a McVities biscuit, with a cup of coffee.

@ry_coco, via Instagram: What’s your favourite pair of trainers? RC
Probably got to have to be my Pumas. The lads rip into me for them. There is a new style that has come out and I have had them on all the time since I have been here. All of the lads get onto us (laughs).

@bpearson6717, via Instagram: Which school did you go to?
When I was younger, I went to St. Bedes. Obviously around Newcastle way where I grew up as a child.

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