With COVID-19 halting our season for now, we've taken a look back at the goals we've scored in 2019-20 and want you to choose your favourite from each month.

The Iron scored a total of ten goals across all competitions in the third month of the campaign.

James Perch came out as October's winner with 72.7% of the vote.

After the end of the month, the tallies were as follows...


Kevin van Veen

3 2 5

Matthew Lund

3 0 3

Rory McArdle

3 0 3

Lee Novak

3 0 3

Jamie Ward

2 0 2

Alex Gilliead

2 0 2

Abo Eisa

1 0 1

James Perch

1 0 1

Jamie Proctor

1 0 1

Ryan Colclough

0 1 1

Own Goal

1 0 1

We narrowed those five goals to four for the purpose of our Twitter poll, with Perch's strike, labelled GOAL B, coming out as the winner. Keep an eye out for our November poll in the coming days.

GOAL A: Kevin van Veen v Northampton Town
GOAL B: James Perch v Exeter City
GOAL C: Jamie Ward v Exeter City
GOAL D: Kevin van Veen v Salford City

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