From 3pm UK time on Saturday, June 6th, supporters are able to watch the Iron's home game against Bradford City from 2017 on our official YouTube site -

Fans can watch the review in full via that and our Facebook site

We intend to stream something every weekend during the coming weeks to keep the fan base entertained, whether that's a full game or a season review package, adding a fresh spin to our Retro Matchdays which have been popular on our @SUFCVault Twitter account during recent weeks.

Please note, there are some obvious classic games that we don't have access to the full 90 minutes of, and would put out if we could, but we'll try our best to keep you engaged with what we do have over the coming weeks and months and have planned a steady flow for however long we go without football.

We're always looking to bolster our archives and if anybody has a video or DVD of a game that they think might be useful for us, that we could borrow for a short period of time, please get in touch by emailing Even short video clips from rare matches or league highlights packages from years gone by might come in useful for @SUFCVault Twitter purposes. See details here.

Supporters who subscribe to iFollow Iron can also watch regular extended highlights packages from games we have access to in our archive, from which we will upload several a week during this period of time.

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