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Wright on the spot - or not!

8 June 2020

I imagine there’s one topic of conversation now which has equal billing with the virus, and that’s the appalling events that have happened in the US. It appears that some police there have little sense of human decency – not only the killing of George Floyd, but also the pushing over of an elderly white man who seemingly wasn’t causing trouble.

We know that in football, there are many races and nationalities of people who play and love the game, and who also watch the game. Sadly, we’ve heard of racist incidents in this country, and when our teams play abroad. However Mr Floyd paid the ultimate sacrifice for being black.

Unfortunately those in authority at the top of American politics don’t seem to share the general concern of most “normal” people, and by inflammatory words and actions have made an already bad situation worse. Weasel words and thoughtless actions inflame others more sensitive on the ground.

The difficulty comes when people want to protest. There are strict rules about the number of humans allowed to gather together at present – so are mass rallies a good thing or not? Will many people crowded in one place make the virus spread? My view is that such demonstrations as we have seen, while not being 100% safe, are at least in the open air, with people usually wearing face coverings. A stand needs to be taken. What’s your view?

Rev Alan. Club Chaplain

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