First team manager Neil Cox provided his reaction to iFollow Iron after his side won 2-1 at home against Barrow.

A goal in the first half by Abo Eisa was quickly cancelled out by Scott Quigley’s header but in the final minutes of the game, Jordan Clarke scored to give the Iron the win.

He said: “It’s always good to get a last-minute winner; it gives a lot of confidence to the camp. I thought it had a draw written all over it.

“I thought it was a professional performance. It wasn’t brilliant but my aim tonight was to come out with three points and that’s what we did. We got a lot of good things right, we got one or two things wrong but we’re pushing forward and trying to win games which is good at home. 

“They started well and then we came back into it and scored. We had some great chances early on. McAtee did really well on the edge of the box and gives Eisa the ball and he finishes it well.”

Barrow’s equaliser came shortly after but there was some frustration with the awarding of a throw-in to the visitors in the build-up. Discussing that incident, Cox continued: “The second goal was our throw-in. The referee decided he had made the wrong decision but they carry on and they then score a minute later from the set plays which disappointed me really as it happened to us the other week and it’s happened again.

“We had a foul away at Harrogate (given against us) that was never a foul. The referee said he’d made a mistake and they can’t keep making these mistakes.

“I knew they were lacking a little bit of confidence and they got deeper and deeper and we scored a set play when Jordan (Clarke) comes in and scores a worldie header. I wanted to be forward-thinking, I want to try win games at home and be positive at home and I want my players to do the same.

“Jordan’s done it before. He has come round the back and, under pressure, put an excellent header in.”

Myles Hippolyte was one of two changes on the night, slotting in at left-back in the absence of Mason O’Malley, for what was his first league start since the end of October. Speaking on his performance, he added: “I thought he was excellent. He hasn’t played for a long time and I don’t think he enjoys it (playing left-back) but it does a job for the team. I thought he did a good job.

“Mason (O’Malley) pulled out of training yesterday with a little bit of fatigue. We decided not to play him and rest him as we thought he’s a young boy doing well for us, he’s got a bright future and we just thought we had to make the right decision which it was.

“Myles got more confident and wanted to push on. They played a formation first half where they tried to put him under pressure and he took a big whack but he carried on. He gritted his teeth and got on with it. That game will give him a lot of confidence.”

United have now scored nine goals in the last four games and have created a whole host of further chances in those matches. Speaking on that, he stated: “We look like we’re going to score goals. McAtee had a couple of half-chances, I think we’ve got 24 crosses in the box at home.

“We were crossing the ball tonight and just need a little bit of luck in the box and I said the goal came from a cross and a great header.

“It should get everybody confident that we’ve just won a game and we’re pushing at it and we haven’t scored many late goals but it looks like our fitness is looking better now.

“It’s a bit off with a couple of them and they can’t manage 90 minutes and we have to be careful. We’ve got a lot of tired bodies but a good game is coming up at the weekend.”

Touching on that game at the weekend, he added: “I’m looking forward to it and I am going to be calm, relaxed and enjoy it. It’s a big game for the local boy to manage his local team but I think it’ll be a good day out."

Manny Onariase was one of the players labelled a doubt on Monday, but he managed to get through another 90 minutes against Barrow as he manages a groin issue: “We’ve got a lot of knocks on currently. Manny is just holding on there at the moment. He’s been excellent again. We need to give him a lot of credit he was ill at the weekend but still played 90 minutes tonight which I think is fantastic.

“I think he’s a brilliant character and I'm sure when the fans come in, they’ll like him. He gives 100 per cent and he’s what you want in this football club.”

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