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Club News


10 April 2020

Club News


10 April 2020

Scunthorpe United chairman Peter Swann’s company has been developing a product and a logo which is designed to be a way of thanking people across a range of situations when verbal communication is not always possible, restricted, or less-likely because sometimes we don’t immediately interact with people we don’t know.

He explained: “It all stemmed from years of driving on the road and last summer culminated in a car journey in which some people were flashing their lights to say thank you whilst others did it by beeping their horn, putting hazard lights on, etc.”

“As the journey continued it became clear that we needed to be more considerate drivers to make driving a more enjoyable and less stressed part of life,” he continued. “Thinking about this a little further, there appeared to be no actual universal symbol that can represent a simple thank you when verbal communication is not possible.”

When we think about it, and the world in which we live, we probably all need to be grateful and say thank you a lot more to each other.

This led to the thinking behind the Thankhand symbol, brand, website and logo, with the website almost ready to go live and the development of signs, badges and various other products which will be identified within the brand. 

We are adapting the symbol to help during the coronavirus outbreak, and beyond, so we can create a more caring and thoughtful society which undoubtedly has started to happen around us. We hope this will expand to identify areas of extra safety and cleanliness within the hospitality and tourism industries, an area we have been involved in for over 25 years.

The coronavirus epidemic and how we can help:

These are challenging times we are facing and it’s frightening to think that the numbers of people dying from this relentless virus are more than just numbers. Before this virus, these were people who had lives and families who loved them and we see, day-in day-out, that this is a lonely death, we just can’t get close enough to say goodbye, it’s a disaster of immense proportions.  

People have been told to keep their distance, so we are moving the development of Thankhand forward and adapting it to give us a visual symbol of hope.

We have come up with a simple colour system for our symbol that can hopefully be used to help others in need and at the same time show our appreciation and raise money for the NHS.

We have created a Green and Orange symbol that can be displayed in windows, on doors and in vehicles, it’s not exhaustive!

GREEN HAND SIGN WITH WORDS 02.jpgThe Green Thankhand symbol is our primary colour for all people who are safe and well, which also when bought and displayed gives huge support to the NHS and raises money at the same time.

ORANGE HAND SIGN WITH WORDS.jpgThe Orange Thankhand symbol is to show others that someone may need assistance and is finding it difficult to cope. There are a lot of people that have been cut off, alone and maybe a little vulnerable during these difficult times who may just need some neighbourly support. Think of people who live in your community, your neighbours and anyone showing this sign just needs to be helped in some way and that might be by just watching over them.

The product is developed with the main Green symbol on one side and then the Orange symbol on the reverse side so it can be used for multiple situations with the Green, positive symbol, to ensure we can always say thank you, no matter what the circumstance.

We are so committed to this, that when you download, order a symbol online, buy from a supermarket or retailer, the NHS will benefit directly. We will guarantee 100 per cent of all profit made on any of these products will go to the NHS, to support and help purchase vital safety and key products in the battle against COVID-19.

This symbol provides an opportunity of unity and thanks, offers hope to those who need it and will deliver funds directly to the people who risk their lives every day to keep us safe - something we all can be a part of.

Let’s not be defeated by this and think of ways we can be kinder and more caring in our lives as a smile and a wave makes a huge difference.

Our website goes live next week and we hope to have our downloadable image available to everyone and then when the country gets back to normality you will be able to order and choose various other options of wording and colour, and you can use this as wallpaper for mobile phones and computers. We hope the NHS will put this symbol on their clipboards and around the hospital wards to give everyone a lift and show them we are thinking of all the patients struck down by the virus, as well as the wonderful staff who look after them. We hope you all get on board for the Thankhand revolution, a universal symbol to show we all care.

Join the movement. #Thankhand
Stay Safe

Thank you

Peter Swann
Coolfun Ltd
Scunthorpe United Chairman

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