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Lucky Dip: Reon Potts

21 April 2020


Lucky Dip: Reon Potts

21 April 2020

Under-23s forward Reon Potts answers our random lucky dip questions, choosing numbers between 1 and 99...

17. If you picked an ideal three course meal, what would you choose? My starter would have to be Nando’s Halloumi sticks. For my main, I would choose Caribbean curried mutton with rice and peas. For dessert, I would have a warm chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream.

48. If you were stuck on a desert island which three people would you want to be stuck there with? Apart from family, I’d have Kevin Hart because he’s hilarious, and he would be good entertainment. I’d have Bear Grylls to catch food and build the shelter and someone to do the cooking, so I’d say Gordon Ramsey.

1. Which of the players at the club has the worst dress sense? Pretty much everyone has said the same person for this and I’d agree - Adam Kelsey.

33. Whats your favourite season? My favourite season has to be summer, I hate the cold.

4. What is your choice of board game and why? Monopoly! I’m unbelievable at it.

Reon claims he is unbelievable at Monopoly!

88. Which team do you support? Sheffield United.

44. Do you have any other interests other than football? How do you spend your time away from playing and training? My other interests including boxing and cricket. I spend most of my time away from football watching Netflix or playing PS4.

1200px-Apple_logo_black.svg.png16. Who is your best friend in football? I’ve got a lot of very good mates in football so it’s hard to say. If I had to choose, I’d say Mason O’Malley. I live with him, so I spend a lot of time with him.

74. If you could have invented one thing, what would you choose and why? If I could have invented anything, I would choose Apple, because I’d be loaded.

34. What’s your favourite type of music? I like a bit of everything, but I mostly listen to R and B.

12. If you weren’t a footballer, what do you think you’d be doing? I’m pretty interested in real estate and property investment, so probably something to do with that.

7. Where is your favourite holiday destination? Thailand.

21. What is your favourite colour? Grey.

66. What would be your choice of takeaway? Chinese, definitely!

15. What famous person either dead or alive would you most want to meet? Probably Ronaldinho. He was my idol growing up and seems like he is always smiling and having a laugh.

Reon would choose to meet his boyhood idol Ronaldinho, if he had the option.

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