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Team Verrico bucket collection

5 May 2018

Team Verrico has an ongoing relationship with Scunthorpe United. The Verrico family are season ticket holders and Charity founder Anna Verrico walked the team out just three days before her sad passing in November 2013.

Team Verrico is a volunteer charity which pays no salaries. It has three main spheres of activity which are supported by today’s bucket rattle collection. 

The most important is to support men and women who have children under the age of 18, who face a rare or hard to treat cancer. There is a simple application form which patients fill in and which proves that they are bona fide. They are then sent for private consultations with the leading oncologists and surgeons in the UK – this often results in a change to treatment plans. The charity also funds genetic testing and other scientifically proven methods of treating the disease.

Sphere 2 is counselling. The charity supports those affected by cancer, including the patient and their family through diagnosis and beyond. Sometimes this can include preparation for a funeral or it might mean supporting a widow or child three years down the line who can no longer cope. 

Sphere 3 is research. Team Verrico supports niche research projects which do not receive funding from Cancer Research as they either focus on rare cancers or are too small to attract funding. 

To access the service or learn more go to; on Facebook: teamverrico; Twitter @teamverrico or ask someone in one of the bright pink T shirts. If you want to tweet or insta a photo of those collecting please use #teamverrico.

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