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Bests and Worsts: Cameron Burgess

13 June 2018

As featured in our matchday programme, Kieran Hymus posed some questions to centre-back Cameron Burgess, as we found out more about the Australian international.

Cameron, what is the best thing about being a professional footballer?
It’s got to be waking up every day and wanting to go to work.

How about the worst thing? 
The worst thing comes at the start of the season. It’s definitely the running in pre-season!

What is the best moment in football? 
It’s almost definitely winning the game and I think you know what I might say for the worst thing. 

What’s the worst thing? 
Losing the game. 

What is the best film that you’ve ever seen?
The best film that I’ve ever seen is Space Jam. It’s an absolute classic and I love my animated films.

And, what is the worst film that you’ve ever seen? 
The worst film? That’s hard although I don’t like scary movies so probably just any scary movie to be honest.

What’s the best performance that you’ve ever had in football? 
CB: Good question. That’s almost too hard to answer. I was pretty good on my debut for Fulham but it was pure adrenaline that got me through that I think.

What is the best away ground that you’ve ever played at? 
I really liked Derby’s ground. It’s properly enclosed and it’s just a really nice stadium. It was all brand new I think.

What’s the worst ground that you’ve ever been to? 
I’ve been to some bad grounds in the Conference. Probably somewhere like Braintree away.”

What’s the best food?
Pizza is the best food. No doubt about it.

What’s the worst food? 
Seafood. I don’t like seafood at all.

What’s the best musician?
I don’t really have a favourite musician but I really like deep house music. That’s definitely my favourite genre.

What’s the worst genre of music then?
I don’t know as there’s nothing specific that comes to mind. Probably just something that doesn’t have a good beat.

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