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1 November 2016

Our commercial department would like to thank everyone for their support so far this season with regards to the sponsorship of players.

The majority of home and away kits have all been taken, although we have a number of boots packages still available.

For enquiries or to register your interest, contact or call 01724 747678.

 1. Luke Daniels
 Goalkeeper - 05/01/1988

 HOME:Archie Eldred-Dobbs
 AWAY: Edmundson Electrical
 GLOVES: Andy Leeman

 2. Scott Wiseman
 Defender - 13/12/1985

 HOME: Laura White
 AWAY: Gary Southwell and Mia, In Memory of Kenny Spencer

 3. Scott Laird
 Defender - 15/05/1988

 HOME: Simon and Norma Paddison
 AWAY: The Lee Family

 4. Jack King
 Defender - 20/08/1985

 HOME: Mark Coleman
 BOOTS: In Memory of Dave Coleman

 5. Murray Wallace
 Defender - 10/01/1993

 HOME: SULSESC in memory of Andrew Metcalfe
 AWAY: Away Travel

 6. David Mirfin
 Defender - 18/04/1985

 HOME: Julie and David Letts
 AWAY: Luke and Hugo Sherman

 7. Luke Williams
 Attacking Midfielder - 11/06/1993

 HOME: James Moody
 AWAY: In Memory of Istvan Imre

 8. Stephen Dawson
 Defender - 04/12/1985

 HOME: Irish Iron
 AWAY: Irish Iron

 9. Paddy Madden
 Striker - 04/03/1990

 HOME: Irish Iron
 AWAY: Irish Iron
 BOOTS: Ruby Hall

 10. Kevin van Veen
 Striker - 01/06/1991

 HOME: Mike and Rick France
 AWAY: Viking Iron
 BOOTS: Thomas Ashcroft

 11. Josh Morris
 Attacking Midfielder - 30/09/1991

 HOME: Paul Verrico
 AWAY: Winterton Iron
 BOOTS:Thomas Hall

 12. Neal Bishop
 Midfielder - 07/08/1981

 HOME: Charlotte Collinson
 AWAY: Natalie Tock

 13. Joe Anyon
 Goalkeeper - 29/12/1986

 HOME: Katrina and Esther Malynowskyj

 14. Tom Hopper
 Striker - 01/10/1994

 HOME: Brian Edwards
 AWAY: Scott Tock

 15. Harry Toffolo
 Defender - 19/08/1995


 16. Hakeeb Adelakun
 Attacking Midfielder - 11/06/1996

 HOME: Dave Jones
 AWAY: White Hart, Owston Ferry

 17. Sam Mantom
 Midfielder - 20/02/1992

 HOME: Liz and Charles Bratton

 18. Richie Smallwood
 Midfielder - 29/12/1990

 HOME: Luke and Hugo Sherman

 19. Duane Holmes
 Attacking Midfielder - 06/11/1994

 HOME: SULSESC in memory of Jan Vernon
 AWAY: M&S Decorative Services

 20. Charlie Goode
 Defender - 03/08/1995

 HOME: Councillor Tony Gosling
 AWAY: Edmundson Electrical

 21. Jonathan Margetts
 Striker - 28/09/1993

 HOME: ACHIEVE Achieve Your Goals (

 22. Conor Townsend
 Defender - 04/03/1993

 HOME: Jim Billinger
 AWAY: Away Travel

 26. Jamie Ness
 Midfielder - 02/03/1991

 HOME: James Draper
 AWAY: Frank Rhodes - London Supporters

 27. Noel Burdett
 Striker - 13/11/1997

 HOME: SULSESC in memory of Ian Tremayne

 29. Kyle Wootton
 Midfielder - 11/10/1996

 HOME: Scunthorpe Iron Art
 AWAY: Simon and Norma Paddison

 31. Levi Sutton
 Defender / Midfielder - 24/03/1996

 HOME: Peter Greer - Belfast

 32. Jack Dyche
 Striker - 11/10/1997

 HOME: Irish Iron
 AWAY: Irish Iron

 33. Jordan Clarke
 Midfielder - 19/11/1991

 HOME: John and Barbara Billinger
 AWAY: Away Travel

 34. Lewis Butroid


 Manager: Graham Alexander

 FULL KIT: Ruby Hall Solutions

 Assistant Manager: Chris Lucketti


 Mascot: Scunny Bunny

 FULL KIT: H&H Builders
North Lindsey College FRONT OF SHIRT SPONSOR:

 Mascot: Scunny Hunny Bunny

 FULL KIT: Road Traffic Solutions

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