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13 May 2016

We asked you to send your questions in for the defender via the club’s website and social media feeds. Here are Murray’s answers…

1500 Club, via Twitter, asks: While we were tucking into our Turkey at Christmas, what were you doing?
MW: "We actually had Christmas Day off at Huddersfield. So my family came down (my Mum, Sister and Gran) and just had a normal family dinner and opened presents."

Harry Parker, via Twitter, asks: What's the biggest game you've played in?
MW: "The Chelsea game was one, just because of the platform, and the players we played against. I played in the Scottish Cup semi-final against Celtic at Hampden, which was a big game for me as well."

Neil Mumby, via Twitter, asks: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
"I've honestly no idea."

Steve Gaff, via Twitter, asks: What are your ambitions with Scunthorpe?
MW: "I'm sure, like everyone else, I'd like to see the club get promoted into the Championship, and see where things go from there. But that's the first thing, to get promoted."

Mark The Donny Iron, via Twitter, asks: Are you a haggis, neeps and tatties man, or deep fried Mars bars?
"It's definitely haggis, neeps and tatties for me."

Scott Laird, via Instagram, asks: Muzza why won't you join our Clash of Clans team?
"Because I think I'll get addicted. A few of the lads are hooked on it, and they're never off it. So I don't want to get involved and get in all the wars and whatever they get up to on it."

_deji_witty_banter_, via Instagram, asks: Who are you best friends with at the club?
"I'm not too sure really. I get on well with Nessy (Jamie Ness), and it's probably the Scottish link."

Jack Mason, via Instagram, asks: When you retire would you would you rather be a pundit or a coach?
"Whatever's easiest, to be fair. Probably a pundit, because you don't really do anything, you just comment on other people."

_Hollxx_, via Instagram, asks: What did you before you were a footballer?
"I came straight out of school, and at 16 I went to Falkirk, and have just played football since then. I had the odd job, but nothing for a career."

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