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2 May 2015

Wednesday proved a momentous day for the Iron, with the club receiving planning permission to build a new stadium.

United hope to move into their new home in July 2016, and Chairman Peter Swann anticipates a busy and exciting 14 months on and off the field as the club prepares for the dawn of a new era. sat down with the Chairman to assess the season just gone as we prepare for the derby clash at Doncaster Rovers this weekend, and to talk about the latest developments.

So Peter, with just one game left for this season (away at Doncaster), how do you feel the campaign has gone?
PS: I'm really pleased there is nothing riding on the last game in terms of survival, and it will be good to go to Doncaster Rovers, our local rivals, and look to put on a show and finish the season on a high.

We wanted to secure survival before the end of the season, and it has been a tough year. We were bottom of the league when I changed things around in terms of the management and coaching positions and we're now safe, so I think the decision has justified itself.

The points tally from Mark Robins, if the season had started when we came in, would have seen us competing for the play-offs, so I've got a lot of hope for Mark and what we can do in the summer.

Our recruitment is going to be key, but I'm delighted with where we look likely to finish. We're not going to be too far away from tenth, which is where I predicted. To be just a few points away from that is a great achievement for us.

I'd like to thank all the fans who have attended the games and supported the club during the season. I'm really looking forward to the Doncaster game and hope everybody enjoys that and has a safe journey over.

It's difficult to be patient when you change, like we have this year. We must give the manager the opportunity to recruit in the summer and hopefully we will get that right.

We will support him as much as we can, identify who we need and then it's up to myself and the CEO, Jim Rodwell, to do the best financial deals to get those players here. Mark knows he wants to move into a certain position and we want him to get into that position, where he's really happy with the team and squad in front of him.

It would be a brilliant end to the season if we can win at Doncaster and go above them wouldn't it?
I know we'll be up for it - as will they though. It will be a really exciting match and I know we've passed the 1,300 mark in terms of sales to our supporters now so it will be a great day out.

The weather is expected to be wet, but not as wet as last Saturday. It should be an enjoyable day though and it would be nice to win a derby game!

Then after Sunday, the hard work starts in terms of getting things ready for the new season - or is that something you're already on with?
We've pretty much begun that during the last few weeks, and have also done our homework during the course of the season.

There will be players leaving the club - some will be obvious and some maybe won't. We will bring players in who we want to improve the squad.

We did say consolidation would be followed by a push, and we're going to prepare a team that we think will make the top six.

That's the way we have to go and it should prove an exciting summer for everyone.

Any ideas yet of how many players will come in, and how many will leave?
In the end it will be down to who's available and what deals we can do.

I think there are a substantial amount of players who are still in contract, who still have something to prove. It's difficult to put a number on it but if the better players are out there we will bring them in.

Of course, something which will attract the better players is the new stadium and the project that will be happening here. How delighted was you to see the club get planning approval this week?
It's just about sinking in now. I'm just thinking how much hard work I've got to undertake over the next 14 months! It's fantastic news to get the approval.

The stadium is a dream for me and hopefully it's something the fans will buy into. It's a sensible approach to football.

We can't tell the fans about everybody that's going to be in the stadium because we're working on contracts with them but we're quite advanced with deals to fill out the space. I'm pretty confident that when we open all the space will be leased. That will help finish off the finance of it.

We're going to be in a place where revenue streams are going to be higher. We can bring all our footballing teams - youth, reserve, first team - and also the community set-up together in one place and we're very much looking forward to that.

Are there any updates you can provide since the last?
Not really. May 15 is the end of the tendering process which means we will get all the tenders in from the four companies who have been working on the build.

That weekend we will look at those and on the week commencing May 18 we should be able to announce who has got the stadium and the build.

Now, we're working on attacking our funding issues because we have to get planning for some of those to come forward.

We have quite a few areas where we can go and we're confident with those, we've already set the ball rolling.

The premise really was that we had to get approval and now we have that we can move forward with regards some of those funds which are going to help us the build the stadium.

We're in no rush to sell Glanford Park and what we want to do is get the right deal for the football club, and also for the community as well.

We want to make sure that whatever goes on this site is of benefit to the town and improves the local area. We'll try and work hand-in-hand on the council with that.

We've started the 12th Man initiative which has seen the club freeze season ticket prices and add more incentives for supporters to show how much we value them. Hopefully it will be the last season at Glanford Park and you must be hoping for a significant take-up of season tickets with people wanting to enjoy a successful final year here?
I think it will be great to offer the season ticket holders that first refusal on their seats at the new stadium.

Obviously they won't be in the same place they were at Glanford Park but the stadium will offer some great viewing and the seats will be much better quality and a little bigger.

They're really going to enjoy the football experience. Everybody who buys a season ticket this year will get that first refusal and I would love for us to be able to pass 3,000 season tickets.

A minimum of that this year would be really nice and anything beyond that a bonus. As we go through the year we'll try and update everybody with a blog as we begin to build the stadium.

We want to create a platform for sponsors to use the stadium. It's in a great position and we want to fill out all the stadium sponsors, stand sponsors, match sponsors, matchball sponsors for our first season.

Hopefully the first season will be in a higher league or at least battling at the top end of League One.

What are the plans over the next year for the transition towards the new stadium?
There will be a lot of movement on and off the pitch. As we start to develop we obviously need more staff so we're going to work hard at that.

A 24/7 stadium is going to take some running so I expect us to employ nearly double what we have at the minute and create some very interesting positions within the company, so a lot is going to happen.

It's an exciting time for the football club and I'm proud to be chairman of Scunthorpe United at this particular moment of time in our history.

Iron chairman Peter Swann will join BBC Radio Humberside after Sunday's game at Doncaster to answer questions from fans on the new stadium and more.

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