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5 November 2014

We asked fans to send their questions in for Miguel Llera via Facebook, Twitter and email. Here are his answers:

Patricia Lodge via Facebook: Do you feel you have settled in, especially now you are playing?
ML: “I still live in Sheffield but I feel very comfortable here- from my teammates to the members of staff and we just need a few more wins in the near future to get the confidence of the players up.”

Jake Wykes via Facebook: Highlight of your career?
ML: “When I was in Spain, we were promoted to La Liga with Gimnastic and here it was when I was promoted to the Championship from League One, with Sheffield Wednesday in 2012.”

Joe Cole-Grey via Facebook: Do you think the Iron can turn it around and get promotion?
ML: “Yes why not. For that reason, we need to string a good run of results together. It’s important to keep a balance. We didn’t start properly this season and it is key for confidence if we get some good results in a row. We will improve as players as well as a team. League One is not a sprint race, it is a marathon. It is long, we need to get momentum and make the biggest sprint around February but we have to play it game by game.

Will Cunningham via Facebook: Who is the best player you have played against?
ML: “I have played in La Liga against Raul, Aguero, Fernando Torres and different players for Barcelona and Real Madrid.”

Matthew Kennington via Twitter: Can you make salmorejo?
ML: “I used to eat that. It’s like tomato soup, a little different with garlic and olive oil. It’s not difficult, it’s easy to cook.”

Steve Hope via Twitter: Do you know about fellow Spaniard Alex Calvo Garcia?
ML: “I didn’t know him but I heard he did pretty well here. The fans speak pretty highly of him but I haven’t had the pleasure to know him.”

Matthew Kennington via Twitter: When you played for Gimnastic in La Liga, who was the best player you marked. Please tell me you kicked Guti!
ML: “Probably Raul for Los Blancos (Real Madrid). He’s a player everybody respects because he started with Madrid when he was 17 and he was with them for 14 or 15 years. Players like him don’t get individual awards but he earned all the respect for what he did for Madrid.” 

Declan Goodman via Twitter: Favourite Stadium you have played at?
ML: “Sevilla’s Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium stadium. Even though I’ve played against Barcelona and Real Madrid, it is one of the best. It’s something different. I’m from there and it was the first time I’d played against them, I think it was 2007. There was a moment a player entered the pitch and all the fans sang one song together about him and it was a great, something I will not forget.”

Michael Donnelly via Twitter: Why did you wear the head guard? Was it a good luck charm?
ML: “I had a cut on my head when I was at Sheffield Wednesday and every time I headed the ball it would bleed again. When everything was sorted, I felt more comfortable playing with it and we started to get points, I started to score goals. I was Player of the Month in April for League One because I scored four goals in five games and it is not easy to get that prize as a defender.”

Sean Freer via Facebook: Who is your favourite actor?
ML: “I watch quite a bit of films. I like Kevin Bacon and Denzel Washington.”

Have you ever played at the Bernabeu Stadium or Camp Nou?
ML: “Yes I have and the pitch is massive, especially when they get the ball, it’s like pass, pass pass! It makes the 90 minutes long but great atmospheres.

Jane Bowness via email: Whose is the famous football shirt which you own?
ML: “CR7- Ronaldo! I met him last year and went for a coffee because my former teammate José Semedo is very good friends with him and he visits when he plays in England. When he played against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League and we went to his hotel and had a coffee. I got a signed shirt from him then and if everything goes okay we will meet when they play Liverpool in this season’s Champions League competition. He’s a very nice guy, you have a stereotype about him on the pitch but he is very friendly, very funny.”

Anthony Thompson via email: Do you play any other sports?
ML: “Not so much now, because of time and access to a relevant area. I used to play paddle tennis back in Spain. It’s not so popular here and I don’t have time as I am usually training or with my family.

Nigel McAuley via email: Who did you support growing up?
ML: “Real Betis and Sevilla, even though they are rivals. I played for both academies and they taught me a lot of things so I have to respect them. All of my family are from Betis football club. It is like Sheffield -50/50, with half supporting Sevilla and the other half supporting Betis.”

James Sidebottom via Facebook: What car do you drive?
ML: “I drive a Chrysler 300.”

Henry Foderingham via Twitter: Do you practice your free-kicks?
ML: “Yes, I used to practice them at least once a week and I started to train more and more once I came to the UK and it is something you have to keep practising in order to improve.”

Jake Clarke via email: When you were at Blackpool did you go to the Pleasure Beach?
ML: “Yes! Blackpool is a special place, I lived in a nearby place called Lytham, which was pretty nice. Blackpool is nice to visit but not the best place to live.”

Michael Raimond via email: Do you watch many La Liga games nowadays?
ML: “Yes- I love football and I like to watch as many as I can. I try to watch at least one game every day and if they are during the week Sky Sports shows a lot of matches so it is good.”

Jon-Michael Christopher via email: Who is your best friend in football?
ML: “José Semedo who is at Sheffield Wednesday, we stay in touch every day.”

Lewis Close via email: Have you played against Scunthorpe before?
ML: “Yes, I played against them three or four times, I remember some was in the play-offs. I think in 2009 we lost in the semi-final when they went up.”

Callum Collins via Twitter: Do you play video games?
ML: “I used to play but I threw them away when I had my first son, I didn’t have enough time and I stopped playing. I haven’t played in the last six or seven years.”

Jacob Woods via Facebook: Where do you like to go on holiday?
ML: “I like to go to Spain to my home city of Seville to visit my family as I live in England for the rest of the year.”

Damian Jones via Twitter: What do you like to do on your time off?
ML: “I like to watch films and read books but now I have started coaching the kids at Sheffield Wednesday and I do work with them, figuring out formations, planning lessons, gathering information and now I don’t have so much time! I try to improve my English and knowledge too. Would I like to coach in the future? Yes. I have my A license and I have a degree in economics, qualifications in coaching and psychology. My family told me to keep studying while playing football.”

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