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1 May 2014

Iron manager Russ Wilcox doesn’t think the result on Saturday diminished their promotion back to League One at the first time of asking.

Despite losing 2-0 to Exeter and suffering their first defeat in 29 games, the Iron are still guaranteed a top three finish following Fleetwood’s 1-1 draw with Southend.

Wilcox told The Iron Player that one defeat in 29 is the bigger picture and it is a great feeling to be promoted.

Wilcox said: “It did for a few minutes (diminish the promotion). I was disappointed with the performance, but one defeat in 29, that’s the bigger picture. We’ve achieved what we have achieved and it’s just a great feeling.

“We didn’t want to take it into the last game because anything can happen on last games. We have seen that year in year out, in every level. Even right back to that Jimmy Glass moment (for Carlisle). We certainly didn’t want that. It’s a tough game as well on Saturday against York.

“At least now we can hopefully use the build up to the game as a celebration for the promotion. Don’t get me wrong, I want to win the game as we still have chance of winning the title.”

Wilcox continued to talk about how Saturday was a strange scenario to lose, but still be promoted.

He added: “It was a really strange scenario to be honest. Very disappointed to lose the game but then within five or six minutes you’re celebrating. Never had it like that before. Obviously I will take it.

“The main thing is achieving that promotion so it was a great feeling. I am so proud of everybody associated with the club. It’s great for the club to move back up to League One at the first attempt.

“It’s been a really tough league, League Two. You look at League One and no disrespect but better stadiums, better clubs, bigger clubs, more local derbies, less traveling, so it is great.”

Wilcox says the defeat to Exeter doesn’t feel like a loss and the Iron have been focused on the game against York on Saturday.

He continued: “It’s a strange feeling as it doesn’t feel like a loss. You lose the game and then you’re looking to debrief and to speak about the game and we haven’t done that, I will be honest with you. We’ve just put it to bed because the bigger picture is more important and that is the promotion.

“Training has been fantastic. Great intensity. We go again and we focus. We spoke again about winning the title and that is what we want to do. It is out of our hands but we know if we win there’s an opportunity for us to do that.”

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