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4 December 2014

We as a club are in transition and because of that, certain areas of our expenditure will look lopsided for a while, in particular wages.

Our change in management and the response to this year's severe injury crisis, means we have overspent and probably will spend more in the coming January transfer window. However, this is not debt, it is the purchase of shares as discussed with the Shareholders at the last meeting, so not creating a burden for the club.

This release of information by the club enables you the fans to ask the questions as well as the shareholders, by utilising the Iron Trust and asking them to bring your concerns to the AGM this month. This is sensitive information and it is important that the club controls its release, something that has been discussed at length with the Trust. This will alleviate any potential issues arising in the future and stop me from bursting a blood vessel over it!

I am very passionate about this club and the path we are now taking, so please forgive me if sometimes my reaction seems harsh.

Onto the weekend and a very important and exciting game for The Iron!

During my five years at Trinity we played Worcester several times and I can assure you this is no easy game. Bursting with confidence and already one league side as a scalp, they will have no fear and come here organised and strong. I remember all the games against them being tough and they worked hard for the whole 90 minutes, this will be no different. We have to be on our game, professional and go into the game with a positive mental attitude and if we do that, we have a good chance of progressing.

I am really looking forward to the game and I hope all the away fans have a safe journey up.

There have been a few questions asked about allocation of tickets and I would like to clarify that we have sold all the tickets for the away end and that any travelling fans who end up in any other part of the ground could be refused entry or ejected from the ground. It would have been ideal for us to release more tickets, but for safety, security and resource reasons, that is what it is. It will not change before the weekend and I know there are some disappointed Worcester fans, but this is our home game and we want it to be just that.

All we ask as a club is for the game to be enjoyed by all fans, it would be a pity if after clarification, fans still try to come up and get into the ground, when it is quite clear where we stand on this. So please do not travel if you haven't already been allocated a ticket for the designated away section.
In other news we have another day where you, the fans, can see and debate our new stadium plans.

On Tuesday the 9th December during the afternoon and early evening, you have the opportunity to see the new visuals and layout of the Proposed stadium and ask the team that are developing it, any questions. I will endeavour to also answer any questions you may have on the day.

Please see our news section for further information.

Finally we also would like to announce that Christopher Swann, our eldest son will be joining the board later this month. This is a further commitment to our long term interest and development of Scunthorpe Utd, giving the club longevity and also more importantly, a younger and different view for the boardroom. Christopher has recently graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in Economics and will be one of the youngest Directors in the football league. He has a passion and wealth of football knowledge for a 21 year old, but not only that he can keep us “ Oldies” in touch with the ever expanding and developing social media world and utilise this to represent the younger section of supporters, who in reality are the future of this football club.

I am sure you will all wish him the best here at the football club.

Up The Iron!!
Peter Swann

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