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Scunthorpe United Football Club Safeguarding Contacts

Scunthorpe United Football Club understands and accepts our collective responsibility to adhere to our Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policies & Procedures. We commit to ensuring our members are aware of and have access to our policies.

This document has been agreed and signed by those with overall responsibility for Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults.





Leanne Mayo


Adam Grice


Clare De Laloe

Academy Manager

Tony Daws

Education & Player Care

Ian James

Head Coach

Jamie Hardwick

The Board of directors will ensure that all staff and volunteers are aware that it is their responsibility to:

  • Refer all welfare and disclosures to the DSO;
  • Protect children and adults at risk from abuse;
  • Be aware of the SUFC’s safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures;
  • Include the DSO in matters of concern regarding staff conduct;
  • Undertake appropriate training, refresher training which will be updated every 3 years in accordance with Local  Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) requirement.

The SUFC Board has appointed a Senior Safeguarding Manager to monitor its safeguarding policy and procedures on behalf of the Board and to liaise with the DSO.

The full SUFC Board will annually review this policy and the implementation of its procedures and in the following circumstances:

  • Changes in legislation and/or government guidance;
  • As required by the LSCB, FA and the EFL;
  • As a result of any other significant change or event.


1. Scunthorpe United Football Club acknowledges their duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice, the Football Association (FA) and English Football League (EFL) requirements.

2. This policy recognises that the welfare and interests of children and young people are   paramount (Children Act 1989) in all circumstances. It aims to ensure that regardless of age, ability or disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, socio-economic background, they have a positive and enjoyable experience of sport in a safe and child centred environment. We recognise that those aged under 18 years of age are legally defined as children.

3. We acknowledge that some children, including disabled children and young people or those from ethnic minority communities, can be particularly vulnerable to abuse and we accept the responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure their welfare. 

As part of our safeguarding policy, SUFC will:

  • promote and prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children and young people as being paramount;
  • make sure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding, and is provided with appropriate learning opportunities to recognise, identify and respond to signs of abuse, neglect and other safeguarding concerns relating to children and young people;
  • ensure appropriate action is taken in the event of incidents/concerns of abuse and support provided to the individual/s who raise or disclose the concern. All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously
  • take care that confidential, detailed and accurate records of all safeguarding concerns are maintained and securely stored;
  • prevent the employment/deployment of unsuitable individuals;
  • ensure robust safeguarding arrangements and procedures are in operation.

4. The policy and procedures will be widely promoted and are mandatory for everyone involved in SUFC.  Failure to comply with the policy and procedures will be addressed without delay, and may ultimately result in dismissal/exclusion.

5. SUFC recognises and accepts the responsibility to act 'in loco parentis' during organised activities, and also have a responsibility towards all our adult volunteers to take children and young people's safety and wellbeing seriously.

6. We take steps to minimise any possibility that abuse or harm could occur, and make sure if a concern, allegation or disclosure arises they are dealt with quickly and appropriately.  Good links are maintained with the statutory safeguarding authorities such as North Lincolnshire Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB), and if we have significant concerns about the suitability of a member of staff or a volunteer to work with children or young people, we will refer it to the Local Area Designated Officer (LADO).

7. Everyone within SUFC must fully understand and implement the safeguarding policies and procedures relevant to their role.  To enable this to happen there is a comprehensive training programme and safeguarding structure that ensures we protect children and young people across the organisation.


  • Safe Recruitment Policy and procedures                                   
  • Anti-Bullying Policy                                                                       
  • Whistle-Blowing                                                                                
  • Social Networking Policy                                                                                                                                           
  • Complaints and Compliments                                                         
  • Health, Safety and Welfare                                                                                                                           
  • Consent for Photography                                                                   
  • Trips, events and activities                                                                
  • Missing Child                                                                                      
  • Adults at Risk