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14:33 22nd June 2012

We go back decades and take a look at the Iron's record in league and cup competitions over the years.

1950-1958 English Third Division (North)

1958-1964 English Second Division

1964-1968 English Third Division

1968-1972 English Fourth Division

1972-1973 English Third Division

1973-1983 English Fourth Division

1983-1984 English Third Division

1984-1992 English Fourth Division

1992-1999 English Third Division*

1999-2000 English Second Division

2000-2004 English Third Division

2004-2005 English League Two^

2005-2007 English League One

2007-2008 English Championship

2008-2009 English League One

2009-2011 English Championship

2011-2013 English League One

2013-2014 English League Two

2014-? English League One

* Following the formation of the FA Premier League
^ Following the re-branding of the Football League

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